Terms & Conditions

Submission of a manuscript to SSSF implies commitment to publish in the journal, and acceptance of terms and conditions stated below.

Submission should be original manuscripts, previously unpublished in substantially similar form or with substantially similar content. Manuscripts should not be under consideration for any other journal at the same time.

Copyright to articles published in SSSF remains with the author, and is transferred to SSSF for exclusive online publication. Authors wishing to publish the article in other media subsequent to the original publication are free to do so, but are expected to inform SSSF and to acknowledge SSSF as the original source of publication.

Before full review, submissions are examined by the editorial committee. If the editor believes the submission has extensive flaws or is inconsistent with the mission and focus of the journal, both the editor and associate editors will review the case submission. The paper will be sent out for full blind review if either the editor or associate editors believes it warrants full review. The submission will receive a desk reject decision only if the editor and associate editors agree the submission does not merit full review due to extensive flaws or a lack of fit with the mission and focus of SSSF

Manuscripts are anonymously and independently reviewed by two peer reviewers. Peer reviewers are external experts selected by the editors. The editors use the recommendations by the reviewers to decide whether the manuscript should be accepted as is or revised, or be rejected. The review process, including review, revision, resubmission and re-newed review, may take up to between six and twelve months.