Publications Details

Manuscripts submitted to SSSF will, after having been selected by the editor and examined by the editorial committee, be subject to the scrutiny of two independent reviewers. Great care will be taken in order to preserve the integrity of the peer review process. Based on the reviewers’ recommendation, the Academic Editor will decide whether the particular submission is accepted as it is, revised and re-submitted, or rejected.

Articles accepted for publication are uploaded continuously during the calendar year. Articles will be published as separate downloadable pdf-files with consecutive pagination throughout the year.

Newly published articles will be announced on the appropriate sport studies e-mail-lists. Information about new articles will also be publicized in the website and included in the weekly newsletter.

References to articles published in SSSF should include name of the author, article title, name of publication, and year, volume and pages, as in

  • Brødersen, Jens Chr. “Nicknames and the Class-Based Structure of Celebrity Status in the Sports Media”, in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum ( Vol. 2, 2009, pp 44-63