Volume 2, 2011 | Table of Content

Chunlei Lu
How China Plays the Game
A Cultural Perspective on Sports in China
Pages 1–17
Published January 26, 2011

Eystein Enoksen
Drop-out Rate and Drop-out Reasons Among Promising Norwegian Track and Field Athletes
A 25 Year Study
Pages 19–43
Published February 16, 2011

Helge Chr. Pedersen
Sport, Ethno-Politics and Sámi Identity in Northern Norway
The Organizing of the Sámi Sports Movement
Pages 45–73
Published April 20, 2011

Svein S. Andersen, Dag Vidar Hanstad
”Den som er godt forberedt har ikke uflaks”
Norsk OL-deltakelse i Vancouver: risiko, forberedelse og resultater
Pages 75–98
Published May 11, 2011

Jane Meckbach, Pia Lundquist Wanneberg
The World Gymnaestrada – a Non-Competitive Event
The Concept ‘Gymnastics for All’ from the Perspective of Ling Gymnastics
Pages 99–118
Published August 31, 2011

Erkki Vettenniemi
Paavo Nurmi’s Posthumous Doping Case
An Essay on Drugs, Money, and the Vagaries of Sports Journalism
Pages 119–136
Published December 14, 2011

The following learned friends and colleagues served as reviewers during 2011, which we hereby gratefully acknowledge:

  • Erwin Apitzsch
  • Pieter Bevelander
  • Hans Bolling
  • Karin Book
  • Mette Krogh Christensen
  • Peter Dahlén
  • Henning Eichberg
  • Björn Fryklund
  • Kristian Gerner
  • Henrik Gustafsson
  • John Hughson
  • Jørn Hansen
  • Håkon Leiulfsrud
  • Magnus Lindwall
  • Gerd von der Lippe
  • Ian McDonald
  • Verner Møller
  • Tobias Olsson
  • Laila Ottesen
  • Thomas Persson
  • Tomas Peterson
  • Karin Redelius
  • Peter Sköld
  • Tobias Stark
  • Stefan Svallfors
  • Else Trangbek
  • Marie Öhman