Volume 1, 2010 | Table of Content

Kjetil K. Haugen
The “Norwegian Soccer Wonder”
A Game Theoretic Approach
Pages 1–26
Published March 31, 2010

Rasmus K. Storm, Klaus Nielsen
Dansk eliteidræts konkurrenceevne
Resultater, målemetoder og investeringer
Pages 27–49
Published March 31, 2010

Dag Vidar Hanstad, Eivind Å. Skille
Does Elite Sport Develop Mass Sport?
A Norwegian Case Study
Pages 51–68
Published March 31, 2010

Sami Kalaja, Timo Jaakkola, Jarmo Liukkonen, Anthony Watt
The Role of Gender, Enjoyment, Perceived Physical Activity Competence, and Fundamental Movement Skills as Correlates of the Physical Activity Engagement of Finnish Physical Education Students
Pages 69–87
Published April 21, 2010

Ingar Mehus, Guy Osborn
Consuming Football
The Norwegian Experience, the English Impact, and the Possibilities of Interdisciplinary Research
Pages 89–113
Published October 13, 2010

Dean Barker, Anthony Rossi, Uwe Pühse
Managing Teams
Comparing Organizational and Sport Psychological Approaches to Teamwork
Pages 115–132
Published November 3, 2010

Juha Kokkonen, Marja Kokkonen, Jarmo Liukkonen, Anthony Watt
An Examination of Goal Orientation, Sense of Coherence, and Motivational Climate as Predictors of Perceived Physical Competence
Pages 133–152
Published December 15, 2010

The following learned friends and colleagues served as reviewers during 2010, which we hereby gratefully acknowledge:

  • Bo Carlsson
  • Anne-Marie Elbe
  • Lars-Magnus Engström
  • PG Fahlström
  • Mats Franzén
  • Jesper Fundberg
  • Ken Green
  • Peter Hassmén
  • Jorid Hovden
  • Bjarne Ibsen
  • Urban Johnson
  • Håkon Leiulfsrud
  • Carolina Lundqvist
  • Thomas Moser
  • Hamad S. Ndee
  • Yngvar Ommundsen
  • Inge Kryger Pedersen
  • Tomas Peterson
  • Gertrud Pfister
  • Mikael Quennerstedt
  • Wlodek Rabinowicz
  • Eivind Skille
  • Berit Skirstad