Volume 6, 2015 | Table of Content

Sine Agergaard, Lars Tore Ronglan
Player Migration and Talent Development in Elite Sports Teams: A comparative analysis of inbound and outbound career trajectories in Danish and Norwegian women’s handball
Pages 1–26
Published April 28, 2015

Jesper Andreasson, Thomas Johansson
From exercise to “exertainment”: Body techniques and body philosophies within a differentiated fitness culture
Pages 27–45
Published May 13, 2015

Karin Grahn
Interpretative repertoires of performance:
Shaping gender in swimming

Pages 47–64
Published May 29, 2015

Jesper Fundberg, Lars Lagergren
Varför är det tjejer som spelar damfotboll?
Om formande, genus och (re-)produktion av ojämställd idrott

Pages 65–83
Published September 3, 2015

Magnus Kilger, Mats Börjesson
Searching for Talent:
The Construction of Legitimate Selection in Sports

Pages 85–105
Published October 13, 2015

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